Mini indoor

Mini Indoor

The Mini Indoor

an optimal solution for local farmers

Aqua Maof, a world leader in indoor aquaculture

technology, has developed the Mini Indoor Recirculating Aquaculture System to satisfy the market for smaller intensive fish production systems. The Mini Indoor design is specifically adapted for accommodating all common aquaculture fish species and is capable of production volumes ranging from 10 to150 tons per year, creating a stable revenue stream for local farmers.

The Mini Indoor is a simple to operate facility powered by the Aqua Maof proprietary technology that can allow any farmer to become a local grower and distributer. Optimum water conditions, simplicity of design, and low energy consumption remain key features of Aqua Maof’s technology. The specialized

water treatment components are modular and the water treatment capacity can be adjusted to the specific requirements of each fish species

and production volume. One pumping cycle provides water circulation, biofiltration, aeration or pure oxygen, degassing and solids removal.

The Aqua Maof Mini Indoor is planned to meet the farmer needs and enable him to build a grow a sustainable profitable business.

The system advantages relies on Aqua Maof’s RAS technology which is deployed in facilities around the world

  • Scalable design tailored to each Fish fish species and sea food (shrimps) species
  • Able to attain low production cost
  • Minimal energy and labor requirements
  • Simplified permit requirements
  • Low capital cost for integrated projects
  • Compliance with strict responsible farming and sustainability demands
  • Hatchery and fingerlings support
  • Farm to market marketing

The Aqua Maof Mini Indoor offers Proprietary Reliable Indoor Design Unbeatable production results due to optimal design and allocation of all critical components.

The system offers:

Energy Saving Solution

Consumes as low as 1/4 of the power required by other system design

Proprietary Oxygen Dissolving System

With Zero energy for oxygen saturation. The Oxygen generated on site and waste heat recovered

Optimal Filtering

100% water filtering using only physical elements.No mechanical filters

Full Bio-Security Control

Our facilities are designed in accordance with strict bio-security protocols

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